16,000 Americans Desperate for U.S. Aid

Photo by Yusuf Yassir on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – The U.S. government has vowed to help the 16,000 Americans living in Sudan amidst the ongoing fighting between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary group.

On Saturday night, Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement confirming that the U.S. embassy in the city of Khartoum had suspended its operations. He proceeded to state that all “U.S. personnel and their dependents” have been “evacuated.” The U.S. embassy in the city had around 70 staff members. According to current reports, there are also an estimated 16,000 Americans living in Sudan.

In his statement, Blinken noted that the U.S. is planning on assisting those Americans who are in Sudan by assisting them with “planning for their own safety” and providing them with “regular updates to U.S. citizens in the area.” This announcement comes after a U.S. embassy convoy was attacked in Sudan last week. The attack did not result in any injuries.

Blinked added that it was a tough decision to suspend the operations at the embassy, but that ensuring the safety of embassy personnel was his “first responsibility.” He further pointed out that the fighting has led to a large number of “civilian deaths and injuries and damage to essential infrastructure and posed an unacceptable risk to our Embassy personnel.”

Under Secretary for Management Ambassador John Bass said in a Saturday briefing also noted that the U.S. was collaborating with their allies to ensure that Americans in the area were receiving updates on the changing security conditions. He further added that they were trying to connect Americans with other Americans in the country to help “pool support.”

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