Airline Passenger Stranded, Chaos Ensues

Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

( – Travelers have been taking to social media to share videos and photos from the chaos that has erupted in airports after thousands of flights were canceled in the northeast.
Flyers left at New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport, which is one of the busiest hubs of United Airlines have been posting clips online from the travel disruptions caused by the weather conditions.

One of the videos features a man who shows the long line in front of the United customer service desk. Others have posted videos of the luggage that has been piled up and left unattended.

The highest number of disruptions was in Newark, where there were 71 outbound flights and 77 inbound flights canceled, and 109 flights delayed. Many of the stranded passengers revealed to CBS News that they had to sleep on the tables, luggage carts, or floor of the airport as they did not have anywhere they could go.

In one of the videos, a person revealed that the people left stranded at Newark airport were not allowed to leave the airport or take their luggage. There were staff members telling them that there were no retrievals and that people had to wait over 5 hours to get their luggage.

Around 63 percent of Newark’s passengers were meant to be on United Airlines flights as it is the largest carrier at that airport. The airline has also been frustrated by the recent delays and cancellations with CEO Scott Kirby stating in a recent memo that the “FAA frankly failed us this weekend.”

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