America Taken Over by Protests, Biden Silent

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – In the past few weeks, there have been chants calling for a “cease-fire now” and calling President Biden “genocide Joe” that have followed the United States President in every stop he made in the country. Lately, there has also been an increased number of protesters who are pushing for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war and are pushing to have their message sent to Biden directly.

Protesters have tried to gain national attention through stops in Massachusetts, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Nevada. In every location they have chanted “shame” and have stated that Biden should be charged with genocide. There have also been protests calling for a cease-fire that occurred at the White House, with protesters pushing for everyone, including Biden and the Jewish Elders to “Stop the Genocide.”

On Monday morning, demonstrators had chained themselves along the fence of the White House following protests that have taken place for weeks around the White House. On the same day, in Philadelphia outside the Hilton hotel, there were a number of protestors with signs that read “genocide Joe & Netan-Nazi.” A campaign reception was scheduled to take place at the reception of the hotel on that day and it is not yet clear whether Biden had seen the signs as he was taken out of the venue.

On Friday, Biden had to face a number of protesters during a fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nev. and Santa Monica, Calif., with many protesting with signs that stated that no one would be voting for someone who was a mass murderer.

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