American Travelers Facing Dangerous Disease Transmission

Photo by Erik Karits on Unsplash

( – On Friday, the World Health Organization warned that this year, the cases of dengue fever are on track to reach a record high because of global warming, which has allowed for a climate where mosquitoes thrive to be created. This type of fever is often spread through mosquito bites.

The same source pointed out that there has been an increase in the rates of the disease across the world and that since the early 2000’s the disease had increased by eight-fold. In 2022 alone there were 4.2 million cases with many cases reported in Europe, and Peru declaring a state of emergency for many reasons because of this fever.

In July, Takeda, the Japanese drug maker who had created a vaccine, had withdrawn its application to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as they could not provide the additional data required by the FDA.

The company’s dengue vaccine has been approved in a number of countries including in European Union countries, the United Kingdom, and certain countries in South America and Southeast Asia. Currently, in the U.S. there is a dengue vaccine available but that vaccine is only used for children between the ages of six and seventeen who are inhabiting endemic areas and who had already been infected once before.

Peru is currently the country fighting the worst dengue fever outbreak. Dengue is flourishing because “it’s so crowded that anything can happen,” said one medical expert.

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