Bannon Threatens Speaker McCarthy

Voice of America, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon has issued a warning to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy regarding Rep. Matt Gaetz, arguing that he would only be able to touch him over “our dead bodies.”

McCarthy had a tough time being elected as the White House Speaker in January, requiring a total of 15 ballots and more than four days for the congressional stalemate caused by six Republican holdouts to end. Gaetz was one of the Republican House members who opposed McCarthy’s nomination, and even in the final ballot, he voted “present” rather than voting in favor of McCarthy. In fact, Gaetz, a Florida Republican, had stated in the past that he was “never” going to vote in favor of McCarthy.

Bannon, during a segment of his War Room Podcast, claimed that an undisclosed “they” were trying to get Gaetz to “shut up” and that “they” wanted him out of the National Defense Authorization Act, and did not want him to try and go after Christopher Wray of Merrick Garland. The podcast episode was shared on Saturday on Rumble.

Bannon had once served as the chief executive officer of former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016. It was this position that helped him become more prominent on the political stage. As he claimed during the episode, he wanted to let McCarthy know that they would never let him do anything to Gaetz, who is an American patriot and hero, and that he would only be able to get to him “over our dead bodies.”

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