Biden Abandons the Middle Class

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – A Monmouth University poll showed that 51 percent of the American middle class has not received any benefits from President Joe Biden’s policies. The poll also showed that while inflation remains a top concern for many Americans, it has receded for some.

According to the survey, only 10 percent of Americans state that middle-class families have benefited greatly from Biden’s policies. In comparison, in June 2021, around 19 percent had stated that they had benefited a lot from Biden’s policies while 36 percent had claimed that there were no benefits at all.

Patrick Murray, director of Monmouth University Polling Institute, has specifically noted that Biden’s appeal during his presidential campaign was that he allegedly understood the average American. However, the so-far reactions to his policies suggest that this is not the case.

These numbers do not differ greatly from the numbers of former President Donald Trump during the first year of his administration. In December 2017, 11 percent stated that the middle class had benefited a lot from Trump’s policies while 53 percent said that they had not benefited at all. By the end of Trump’s term, those numbers had slightly changed with 32 percent stating that there had been a lot of benefits, and 32 percent stating that there had been no benefits at all.

According to current data, 38 percent of Americans describe themselves as middle class, 29 percent as working class, 14 percent as poor, and 16 percent as upper-middle class or higher. Around 41 percent of Americans struggle to financially remain in the same place, while 46 percent claim their finances are constant. Only 12 percent of Americans believe their situation is improving.

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