Biden AG Merrick Garland Cries Like a Baby on Camera

The United States Department of Justice, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Attorney General Merrick Garland, in a recent “60 Minutes” interview which was aired on Sunday, got emotional as he was discussing the January 6, Capitol attack and the prosecutions, while also talking about the importance of democracy.

Near the end of the interview, CBS’ Scott Pelley asked Garland what he hoped would be talked about when the history of our time is written. In response, he stated that what he is hoping for, is the same thing that all public servants hope for, that is that people will see that they have done their best. He added that he wanted to pass the Department of Justice to the next generation knowing that they had done all they could in order to protect and pursue the rule of law.

Garland proceeded to state that every generation hopes that they will be able to give the next generation a working democracy and that the next generation will be able to pick up from where they left all and continue the work. During this statement, Garland appeared slightly upset and choked up.

As he stated, this was one of the fundamental aspects of the U.S. democracy and it was important for them to ensure that such behavior did not reoccur. He added that as the prosecution they were bringing deterrents to stop this from happening.

Garland also revealed to CBS that his work was to “take the arrows” for his department and that he is going to be the one “vilified” over the handling of the cases relating to former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

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