Biden Bashes Republicans for Endorsing Trump

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Wednesday, the Biden campaign criticized the Michigan Republican delegation for their support of ex-President Trump, implying that their commitment lies with him, rather than the families they serve in Michigan.

“Their stance is transparent: Allegiance to Donald Trump outweighs their duty to cater to the needs of Michigan families,” voiced campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz in an initial statement given to The Hill.

It was made known on Tuesday by Trump’s campaign that all six members of Michigan’s Republican House delegation, including Representatives Tim Walberg and Bill Huizenga, have expressed their endorsement for him.

Michigan holds significant sway as a critical battleground state, which was secured by Biden in 2020, subsequent to Trump’s victory there in 2016. The Biden campaign stressed on Wednesday that Michigan Republicans should have taken heed from their defeat in 2020.

“Michigan’s pro-Trump Republicans seem to have failed to grasp the lessons from the past, persisting in pushing an extreme agenda that led to their loss in the 2020 election, two gubernatorial races, and the loss of control over both state houses, contributing to the current turmoil in their state party during committee meetings,” Munoz pointed out.

He drew attention to Trump’s controversial proposals in Michigan, such as his 2015 suggestion of relocating certain car production jobs from Michigan to states with lower wages. In contrast, he stressed the Biden administration’s dedication to revitalizing manufacturing and bolstering the industrial foundation.

“In the meantime, President Biden and Vice President Harris have fostered a surge in American manufacturing, creating thousands of new automobile industry jobs in the Great Lakes State and nationwide,” Munoz elaborated. “Surprisingly, Michigan Republicans are aligning themselves with Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda that resulted in outsourcing jobs and pledged to undermine the policies of President Biden and the Democrats, which have been instrumental in restoring hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs.”

This statement marks the first time the Biden campaign has openly criticized specific Republican candidate endorsements.

Trump, who is currently leading the race for the Republican nomination, backed all six Michigan members in their bid for their House seats in the previous midterm elections.

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