Biden Gives $900 Million to 530 School Districts

Photo by Marcelo Cidrack on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday, the White House awarded 530 school districts close to $900 million after they replaced older buses that used gas with newer bus models, many of which are electric models. 

The funding comes from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) $5 billion which is to be used over five years for a clean school bus program that was created in 2012 under the Bipartisan Infrastructure law. The EPA rebates are going to assist in school districts buying 3,400 school buses, the majority of which (92 percent) are going to be electric. The White House has argued that 67 percent of the funds are going to be specifically used for low-income, rural, or tribal communities and school districts. 

The clean school bus program is part of the administration’s overall attempts to improve public school infrastructure and bring down the levels of pollution caused by old buses. It is also assisting in Biden’s pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and push forward more climate investments in underserved communities.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan has argued that the announcement was not only about clean school buses but that rather it was looking at the bigger picture. As he pointed out they were helping bring down greenhouse gas pollution, and improve the air quality in many communities while also pushing for the development of manufacturing and investment jobs that are connected to the clean vehicles industry. He added that this would have effects on the local industry in underserved areas as well. 

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