Biden Secretly Passes New Law

Photo by Alexandru Trandafir on Unsplash

(Conservative Free Press) – The Biden administration signed off on Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations which are part of the Clean Water Act. The new EPA rules would seek to protect small streams, wetlands, and waterways.

These new regulations are being used to repeal the Trump-era regulations that led to the waterways being more susceptible to pollution. These regulations were ruled against by the federal court.
The revised “Waters of the United States” definition was signed on Dec. 29 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers signed off on the revised definitions on Dec. 28.

With this revision, the bodies of water that fall under the protection of the Clean Water Act are extended, and the definitions which had been placed in 2015 during the Obama administration have been revised. The Trump administration attempted to stop the actions that the Obama administration had taken.

In contrast to the protective rules placed by the Obama administration, Trump’s administration focused on creating benefits for property owners who were concerned about how the regulations might affect those bodies of water found on their private property.

Environmental groups however have argued that the regulations are necessary as without them those private owners do not protect their waterways and might even dump harmful pollutants in the water. As those pollutants pass through the water supply they could threaten both wildlife and the quality of water.

U.S. District Court Judge Rosemary Marquez had thrown out the Trump-era regulations noting that it has not considered the effects that smaller waterways have on the health of the waterways they connect with.

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