Biden to Focus on Social Media Misinformation in 2024

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

( – On Wednesday a Biden campaign official revealed to The Hill that the Biden 2024 campaign was forming a working group that would be focused on combating social media misinformation.

Deputy campaign manager Rob Flaherty, General Counsel Maury Riggan, and Communications Director Michael Tyler are going to be leading the team. The team is going to be focused on pushing back against disinformation by having Biden campaign allies, officials and surrogates push back against the untrue claims.

Flaherty, who had previously served as the director of digital strategy in the White House, argued that social media platforms were responsible for making choices regarding their standards considering the ways that their platforms could affect the American people. He added that the campaign was planning on aggressively addressing misinformation by providing information and filling the gaps that are being left by these companies.

This is a new approach for the campaign, as previously they would request from social media companies to remove any content that they considered to be misinformation.

The campaign’s strategy could also include taking legal actions in cases where the state’s copyright laws or deepfake technology allow it. Politico noted in their report that the focus would be on pushing back against misinformation on issues including the coronavirus vaccine, allegations about suppressed voter turnout, and President Biden’s record while in office.

The Biden administration is currently in a legal fight as the court has placed restrictions on certain federal agencies contacting social media companies following the accusations about free speech violations and concerns.

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