Biden’s Son in Deep Trouble

( – On Saturday, former Attorney General William Barr stated that it was likely that the Department of Justice investigation would result in Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, facing “serious charges.”

The Justice Department has had a years long probe into Hunter Biden looking into both possible tax offenses, as well as the false statements he made when attempting to purchase a firearm. Barr, who served as attorney general at the start of the investigations, appeared on CBS News to provide his opinion on the investigation. Barr stated that he suspects that a recent meeting between federal prosecutors, Delaware authorities, and Hunter Biden’s attorneys could mean that the DOJ officials are nearing a decision on what charges they want to file.

He added that there is probably “a lot of hand-wringing” and that it is possible that the defense had visited in order to determine whether there was a way for the case to be resolved without Hunter Biden facing any serious charges. He further claimed that in his opinion, it was unlikely that this attempt would be successful.

Barr further claimed that it is likely that this case has taken a long time because of the “complicated” nature of the tax case against Hunter Biden, which would require a lot of work to be completed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). He added though that the timeline might also have been extended because the DOJ is looking into the corruption allegations that the Republicans have brought forth against Hunter Biden.

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