Bill Gates Issues Warning To America

Kuhlmann /MSC, CC BY 3.0 DE , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, in a recent interview on CBS News’s “Face the Nation” claimed that the United States needed to be open to “out-innovate” its foreign adversaries in nuclear energy. 

On Sunday, during his interview, Gates argued that Americans needed to value that the United States had to be a nuclear energy leader, or else nuclear reactors would be based all around the world and made by the country’s adversaries. 

His interview comes after the recent report that Microsoft was pushing forward with its plan to build a new nuclear power plant in Wyoming. 

CBS’s Margaret Brennan specifically asked Gates whether the plan was going to be relying on Russian uranium. In response, Gates pointed out that Congress had just passed a new bill that would provide funding to uranium from other locations, and that they would specifically be using a supplier in South Africa and the United Kingdom while mining in America for Uranium. 

Gates argued that Americans should want to have nuclear energy in the United States because it was not only economical but also created a lot of jobs. He added that the materials in the reactors needed to be monitored very closely to ensure that it is not “feeding into” foreign military activity. 

He pointed out that there were many strategic benefits to this stage and that only the construction of the plant would create a lot of jobs over the next five years.
Brennan also asked Gates whether he is worried about what might end up happening to this energy source if former President Donald Trump wins back the White House and repeals the Inflation Reduction Act. 

In response, Gates argued that he collaborated with both parties and that there is bipartisan support for the expansion of nuclear energy. 

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