Blue State Bans Natural Gas Hookups

Photo by Doris Morgan on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, New York state leaders reached an agreement on the state’s 2024 budget which would include a ban on natural gas hookups for new building construction. The budget deal would ban natural gas hookups in small buildings starting in 2025 and large buildings starting in 2028.

Governor Hochul has stated that the budget protects households from “exorbitant energy bills,” while also helping the state move towards a greener “more sustainable future.” She added that the effects of climate change are visible to everyone and that in New York, there is a record of snow, storms, and hurricanes heading to the state. She proceeded to tell reporters that the new budget “prioritizes nation-leading climate action.”

She further claimed that New York would become the first state to move forward with zero-emission new buildings and homes while still having more than they need to do.

The budget also sets an expansion of the New York Power Authority’s control over renewable energy development and fossil fuel power shutdowns, which both the New York Power Authority and New York Independent System Operator have warned might have negative effects on the state’s electric grid.

In her statement, Hochul said that she was keeping her promise to New Yorkers to make the state “more affordable, more livable, and safer,” and that she was happy that they had agreed to collaborate with Leader Stewart-Cousins and Speaker Heastie on a groundbreaking budget that enhances public safety, revolutionizes the mental healthcare system, safeguards the environment, and prioritizes investments in the future of our children.

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