Blue State Considering Hiring Illegals for State Jobs

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

( – Carl DeMaio, the chairman of Reform California, is strongly criticizing a proposed bill by Democrats in the California State Legislature that would allow the University of California system to hire illegal immigrants for state-funded jobs. DeMaio expressed his concerns to Fox News Digital, labeling this bill as the most extreme among various policies favoring illegal immigrants that he has seen from California Democrats.

Assembly Bill 2586, if enacted, would permit illegal immigrants who lack U.S. work authorization to compete for jobs within the taxpayer-supported state university system. DeMaio argues that this not only contravenes federal employment laws—which clearly prohibit the employment of individuals not authorized to work in the U.S.—but also exacerbates the ongoing border crisis.

DeMaio elaborates that the bill would direct one of California’s largest government agencies, the University of California system, to engage in practices that are illegal under federal law. He insists that this directive would put state managers at risk of federal prosecution and expose illegal immigrants to legal danger.

The bill’s progression is rapid, having passed the Assembly with a 59-4 vote and now pending in the state Senate. DeMaio views this as a continuation of problematic policies that incentivize illegal immigration, adding that such measures not only pose a statewide issue but also a national one, by undermining efforts to secure the border.

Moreover, DeMaio criticizes California’s role in encouraging illegal immigration, suggesting that state policies effectively aid human traffickers by offering various benefits that attract illegal immigrants. He contrasts this with Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s efforts to strengthen border security, noting that California has become a major entry point for illegal crossings due to less stringent measures.

DeMaio warns that unless California revises these policies, the state will continue to face a border crisis with implications for the entire country. He calls for a national response to address the incentives that California provides to illegal immigrants, emphasizing the need for comprehensive border security and immigration reform.

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