Blue State Residents in Strange New Tug of War

Photo by Alden Skeie on Unsplash

( – Greater Idaho Movement executive director Matt McCaw recently told Fox news Digital that in Oregon there was a shift in the mood towards the Democrats and that many were no longer in favor of the blue state’s policies. This is why many people have opted to relocate to Idaho, the neighboring state, in order to be in a state that matches their “values.” 

McCaw, whose organization is pushing for the Oregon border to be expanded 200 miles to the west, argued that the state was divided by the Cascade Mountain range geographically, but that there was also a cultural divide, as the west of the state has a different culture and economy. He added that it was significantly different being in the West or the East side, especially as the east side had more agricultural people who were more conservative in their views. 

He continued by pointing out that these significantly different groups were also playing a “tug of war” over the government in the state. He added that the political “tug of war” has led to a political divide in the state which has resulted in residents who don’t share the same values being aggravated as they want to have different needs covered by their elected officials. 

McCaw pointed out that the people in the state are divided and that any issue was a hot topic issue, including taxes, immigration, gun rights, drug decriminalization, and even abortion. In all of these issues, it is clear that the wants of the Eastern and Western Oregonians are different. 

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