Child Caught Planning Massive Attack on Jewish Americans

Photo by Lainie Berger on Unsplash

( – Court documents have shown that a teen boy, 13, has been arrested after he allegedly planned a mass shooting at an Ohio synagogue. In a local report, it was noted that the boy’s name had not been made publicly available as he is a minor.

The boy is now facing juvenile misdemeanor charges for having induced panic and for disorderly conduct. His trial has been scheduled for Dec. 20 in Stark County Family Court.

Law enforcement officials noted in the court documents that the 13-year-old had created an extensive plan for a mass shooting at the Temple Israel, which he had then shared on the online messaging platform, Discord.

The court further claimed that the plan had originally been discovered around Sept. 1 in Plain Township and that law enforcement was promptly informed. The Stark County Sheriff’s office has launched an investigation into the topic.

Law enforcement was also required to notify public agencies, individuals, and the school system about the young boy’s plan, which has alarmed those agencies as well.

Following the Oct. 7 surprise attack by Hamas against Israel, there has been an increase in Antisemitism. This has been driven by the Israeli attack on Gaza which has resulted in thousands of Palestinians losing their lives.

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has put out new data that show that the incidents targeting Jews have increased by 337 since the attack. Between Oct. 7 and Dec. 7, there were 2,031 antisemitic incidents reported.

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