Controversial Republican Announces Retirement

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

( – Sen. Mitt Romney from Utah confirmed his retirement from the Senate once his term concludes, a decision that might affect moderate Republicans and critics of the former President, Donald Trump.

In a recent announcement, Romney emphasized the importance of paving the way for newer political leaders. “Having devoted a quarter-century to public service, by the end of my term, I’d be advancing in age. It’s essential for the emerging generation to step up and shape their future,” he shared.

Romney, at 76, appears to be concluding his political journey, which saw him run against former President Obama in 2012, serve as Massachusetts governor, and represent Utah in the Senate for six years. Notably, he was the sole Republican senator to vote for Trump’s impeachment twice.

Although Romney had been contemplating whether to pursue another term, the final call came as a mix of expected yet saddening news for some Senate GOP members. His active involvement in pivotal negotiations, particularly the 2021 bipartisan infrastructure bill, was a key highlight of his tenure. Sen. Thom Tillis from North Carolina expressed his disappointment, saying it saddens him.

In 2018, Romney secured his position with a 63% win. However, a re-election would have been challenging as more conservative figures, including Utah state House Speaker Brad Wilson and Trent Staggs, the Riverton mayor, announced their candidacies. Speculations suggest other potential contenders like Tim Ballard, the founder of an anti-trafficking group, and ex-Rep. Jason Chaffetz. The latter, however, seems more inclined towards the gubernatorial role.

Another potential candidate in the spotlight is Robert C. O’Brien, Trump’s former national security adviser. O’Brien’s recent move to Utah might hint at his Senate aspirations.

When asked, Romney refrained from endorsing any successors, doubting the impact of such endorsements. Sen. Steve Daines emphasized that the Republican party would select a nominee that upholds Utah’s GOP stance.

In a conversation with The Washington Post, Romney voiced his concerns about possible inefficiencies in the upcoming term, attributing them to the House Republicans’ stubbornness and perceived leadership inadequacies from both the current and the former president.

Romney also claimed he represents the “thoughtful section” of the Republican Party, even if it’s a minor part of the overall party.

The news took some by surprise. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer expressed his disappointment upon hearing it. Meanwhile, Trump celebrated the announcement, indicating it as great news for various stakeholders and emphasizing Romney’s non-remarkable Senate term.

Previously, Romney had discussions with Trump about possibly taking up the secretary of State role, a position later filled by Rex Tillerson.

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