Crooked Republican Refuses To Resign

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) has said that he would not be resigning from Congress despite the recent information about him lying about his background during the campaign trail coming out.

When asked about whether he would be resigning as he exited the Capitol elevator, he said that he would not be. Still, many New York Republicans are calling for him to lose his seat.

In a statement, Santos said that his commitment has always been to serve the people and not the party. He added that he did not like that many local officials refused to collaborate with his office in order to help serve the community.

Nassau County Republican Chairman Joseph Cairo in a press conference called to resign over the lies that he told regarding his educational and professional background. Throughout the campaign, Santos used details about his life to draw voters in, some of the things that he lied about also related to his personal life and religion.

Cairo noted that Santos would need to do a lot of work if he wanted to regain the trust of both the voters and the party.

Following Santos’ admitting that he might have exaggerated certain information about his past he started being under both local and federal investigations for ethics and campaign finance violations. Despite Santos admitting he embellished his resume he has claimed that he did not commit any crimes.

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