Dead Democrat Congressman Wins His Primary

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – The late Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-N.J.), who died in office in late April has now won the Democratic nomination to serve another term in office. 

In New Jersey, the ballot for the primary race had already been prepared by the time of Payne’s death. Payne had passed away from a heart attack that was connected to his diabetes. There were no other candidates opposing his running in the primary race for New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District. 

Following this development, a special election will be held in order to decide who is going to be serving for the remainder of Payne’s term. Gov. Phil Murphy (D) has also called for a primary that will take place next month, while the general election is going to occur in September. This is going to give the winner of the special election the opportunity to serve in the last few months of the term. 

When it comes to determining who is going to be serving as the Democratic nominee in the upcoming general election in November, the state law provides that the party’s county committee members in the district are going to be choosing the candidate. 

The convention for the selection which will include the county chairs for Union, Hudson, and Essex counties is going to occur by late August. Still, the convection could end up taking place after the special election, which would give the victor of the special election to compete for another term. Still, it is not a requirement for the same person to be selected. 

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