Dead Whistleblower’s Lawyers Blame Boeing

Photo by John McArthur on Unsplash

( – Lawyers for John Barnett, the Boeing whistleblower who was found dead in March, have blamed the aerospace company for his untimely death after Barnett’s suicide note was made public.

In a joint statement released Tuesday, Brian Knowles and Robert Turkewitz, Barnett’s attorneys, highlighted that their clients “last words” clarified that although Boeing “may not have pulled the trigger,” the aerospace giant caused his death.

The attorneys also extended well wishes on behalf of Barnett’s family to the first responders, the coroner, and everyone who “reached out” with support and “kind words,” adding that it was the family’s wish that Barnett’s legacy would be his “brave and courageous efforts” to ensure Boeing changed its concealment culture to one placing safety and quality first.

The coroner’s report, made public on Friday, revealed that Charleston County Coroner Bobbi Jo O’Neal concluded that Barnett shot himself. Police discovered his body in his locked car outside his hotel along with a suicide note and a pistol in his hand.

In their statement, Barnett’s lawyers explained investigators had determined the Boeing whistleblower had been suffering from PTSD, panic, and anxiety attacks before his untimely death.

They added that these conditions resulted from the “hostile work environment” and “retaliation” he was subject to after he complained about Boeing’s senior management “pressuring workers” to ignore lawful procedures and processes by allowing “defective parts to be installed on the airplanes,” and that could be a threat to passengers on these planes.

The statement comes after police shared Barnett’s expletive-laden suicide note.

In it, Barnett declares, “f**k Boeing!!!” and requests his family to bury him “face down” so the aerospace giant and “their lying a** leaders can kiss my a**.”

Barnett also tells his family he loves them but that he “can’t do this any longer.”

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