Defund Police Movement Backfires Massively

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

( – Seattle residents Eli Hoshor and Jonathan Choe have stated that the police shortages have led their city to a crisis following the anti-law enforcement rhetoric of the past few years.

According to the latest statistics, crime rates increased by four percent in the past year, while the rates of homicides went up by 24 percent. The rates of motor vehicle thefts also increased by 30 percent.

On Tuesday, Mayor Bruce Harrell started pushing for action that would help increase the presence of police and law enforcers in Seattle so as to curb the increase in crime. He added that they “need more officers to address our staffing crisis,” however, residents are not convinced that there will be a lot of change.

Beach told Todd Piro Wednesday on “Fox & Friends First” that she believed the mayor was following the right path, but that Seattle was facing a “huge crisis.” She added that the city was “destroyed” and it would take time for it to be restored. However, she does agree that more police are necessary if they want to curb the increasing crime rates. She proceeded to call the current state of the city a “free for all,” and even said that those who wanted to commit a crime should move to the city.

According to Piro, this was the first time that Seattle increased its city budget for funding law enforcement since first cutting the budget in 2020.

Hoshor, another resident also said that crime kept worsening and that the increase is not going to be enough to reduce the crime rates. He added that right outside his son’s school there was a homeless encampment that had kept growing over the past year, and that had now tripled in size. 

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