Democrat Mayor Cracks Under Republican Pressure

Photo by Ash Gerlach on Unsplash

( – On Saturday, the 10th bus full of migrants left from Texas for Los Angeles. The bus departed only five days before the previous bus, despite the Los Angeles mayor blasting the Texas Governor Greg Abbott for sending the ninth bus during Tropical Storm Hillary.

FOX Los Angeles reported that the 10th bus had 39 migrants, including 12 families and 21 children.

Karen Bass, the Los Angeles Mayor pointed out that Los Angeles has not invited any people to come to the state and that Abbot’s actions were a “political act.” In June, the Los Angeles City Council voted for Los Angeles to become a sanctuary city.

On Tuesday, Bass posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that another bus had arrived in the city from Texas. She proceeded to point out that this was during a time when they had told Los Angeles residents to stay safe because of the “unprecedented storm.” She then called the transportation of migrants “evil.”

Andrew Mahaleris, the press secretary of the Texas governor previously stated that all of the migrants who had boarded the bus had signed a voluntary consent waiver. He added that bus drivers had been constantly receiving updates about the weather conditions on the road and their destination. He also said that the bus had been rerouted and had ensured that they took safe passages on their way to Los Angeles in order to keep everyone aboard safe. He concluded by saying that all the migrants on the bus had selected to go to Los Angeles and that the voluntary consent waivers they signed were available in a number of languages.

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