Democrat Party Cracks Under International Court Pressure

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

( – The current bipartisan efforts for punishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) following the recently proposed charges for war crimes against Israeli leaders have resulted in division among Democrats in the White House. While some are in support of seeking punishment, liberal human-rights advocates have spoken up in defense of the world court which has taken action against the leaders of Israel. 

This is only the latest facet of the dispute between the Democratic allies of Israel and those in the party who are criticizing the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for their war in Gaza. The war in Gaza which started in October has resulted in thousands of Palestinians being killed by Israeli strikes. 

The bill for sanctioning the ICC could reach the House floor as early as the first week of June. The Democratic majority seems to be in support of the sanctions, however, there are liberals in the group who have vocally opposed the idea of punishments against the ICC and have cheered at the accusations against the Israeli prime minister and defense minister. The ICC has argued that the two are guilty of crimes against humanity. 

Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) argued that it was not possible to discriminate against whom the ICC had the jurisdiction to file charges against and that they could not be cherry-picking targets. He added that the allegations of similarities between Netanyahu and Hamas, it is a “red herring” and that both have violated human rights which is why both needed to be charged. 

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