Democrats Panic After Realizing What They Did to Young Men

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

( – A new University of Michigan study has shown that high school boys are becoming more conservative, while high school girls are turning more liberal.

The study noted that among twelfth-grade boys, there was an increase in those who referred to themselves as conservative instead of liberal. Specifically, while girls are referring to themselves as liberals at a 30 percent rate, almost twice as many boys would state they are conservatives.

On Tuesday, psychotherapist Thomas Kersting in an appearance on “Fox & Friends” discussed the results of the university study and explained that the issues are far deeper than politics and are instead a reflection of the way that the left has referred to men for the past few years.

As he told host Steve Doocy, high school boys are seeing through the previous liberal depictions of males, where males have been associated with being bad or having done something wrong. He added that this is also clear when many politicians state that white men in America are the biggest problem the country faces. This is something that young boys are now seeing through.

In previous years, both girls and boys appeared to be leaning toward the left, however, that is no longer the case. As Kersting pointed out, currently everything is focused on pushing forward minorities and women. He added that this was something he had also witnessed in his private practice with many young boys feeling like it is impossible for them to advance because of the idea that in the past they had always dominated and it is time for other groups to advance now.

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