Democrats Push Claim That America Has “Shadow” House Speaker

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – The Democratic National Committee, in a recent statement released by their Chairman Jaime Harrison, said that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., is not the “real Speaker of the House,” and rather that Trump is “calling the shots.” This statement was released after McCarthy called for his conference to look into the possibility of impeaching President Biden.

Harrison noted in his statement that Trump had ensured that the House majority would just be an extension of his 2024 presidential campaign, adding that the House Speaker was happy to allow Trump to take the reins. This has included introducing possible impeachment charges against Biden and even expunging Trump’s two impeachments. As he pointed out, these moves also work as distractions from the lack of an agenda by the GOP in the House and as a way of taking attention away from Trump’s mounting problems.

While talking with Fox News’s Sean Hannity, McCarthy suggested that they might look into impeaching Biden because of his family’s foreign affairs. He added that the situation with Biden was quickly getting to a level that would require impeachment so that Congress could have the power to gather all of the evidence and information necessary. He added that the House was going to continue this investigation until the end and that they were going to introduce an impeachment inquiry following the Constitution’s instruction so as to receive answers to these questions.

McCarthy added that Biden has employed the weaponization of the government and denied Congress any form of Oversight for his family to benefit, which has not occurred since Richard Nixon.

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