Democrats Sabotaged Their Own Chances With Voters

Photo by Dyana Wing So on Unsplash

( – Charlamagne tha God argued that the Democrats have “dropped the ball” on youth voters, especially when it comes to their response to the pro-Palestine protests that emerged across U.S. college campuses. 

Charlamagne appeared on the online news commentary show “The Young Turks” where he argued that youth voters are a big demographic that the Biden campaign should be focused on rallying up. He continued by arguing that it would be hard, as no one knows what is happening in Gaza, but what was occurring on college campuses was an actual issue. He added that the Democrats had completely “dropped the ball” on their messaging towards young people. 

Charlamagne, who has a show on SiriusXM, argued that while he agrees with the dangers that have been presented regarding a possible second Trump administration, he is still critical of the Democrats and President Biden’s administration. 

He noted that the college protests have continued while the Biden administration’s position on Israel has continued to evolve. He pointed out that the support of President Biden for Israel’s right to defend itself is unwavering even though they have been putting increased pressure on Israel to bring down the levels of casualties in Gaza.

During the Democratic primaries Biden has had to deal with a lot of “uncommitted” and “noncommitted” votes in Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, and Washington, and these protest votes were mainly in areas that have an increased youth population. Due to the high number of such voters, there were concerns about how youth voters might challenge Biden’s reelection chances. 

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