DeSantis Loses Massive Donor, Campaign Doomed?

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Friday, Budget Suites of America and Bigelow Aerospace founder Robert Bigelow revealed that he would no longer be funding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s presidential campaign.

Bigelow who used to be one of DeSantis’s big donors argued that if DeSantis does not change his agenda to be more attractive to moderates, then he is going to lose the race against former President Donald Trump. He proceeded to say that extremism was not going to get him into office.

During his interview with reporters from Reuters, he also revealed that he was not planning on resuming funding for DeSantis’s campaign unless he saw the Florida Gov. generating more funding on his own. He added that he was still at a “big percentage,” while many of DeSantis’ donors were still reluctant.

When asked by reporters about why he was planning on cutting funding, Bigelow stated that DeSantis’s extremism, as shown in the six-week abortion ban he signed in April, is the reason behind his decision. As he pointed out, the six-week mark is too short as it is infrequent that a woman will know they are pregnant so early on.

Despite his opposition to some of DeSantis’ extremism, he also stated that he still believes that DeSantis is the best person for the United States right now.

Previously, the billionaire had donated $20 million to pro-DeSantis super PAC “Never Back Down.” He is also believed to be the biggest individual donor backing DeSantis’s presidential campaign. Ever since joining the presidential race, DeSantis has struggled to win support as Trump is still leading against him by double digits.

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