Donald Trump’s “Special Privilege” Erased in Georgia Indictment

( – The case in Georgia appears notably different from the previous three legal proceedings involving Donald Trump, where he managed to avoid public appearances like booking photos, handcuffing, or court recordings.

Authorities in Atlanta emphasize that in their jurisdiction, Trump will be treated just like any other defendant. As his case progresses through Fulton County’s judicial system, it is expected he will have a mugshot taken, and any trial will likely be broadcasted.

This is in contrast to Trump’s past legal encounters where proceedings mostly occurred without public access, especially in regions where live-streaming inside courtrooms is restricted.

Fulton County Sheriff Patrick Labat has stated that, unless informed otherwise, the standard protocol will be followed regardless of the defendant’s stature. However, there may be a delay before Trump’s mugshot is taken. Officials provided a deadline of Aug. 25 for Trump and 18 others, who face multiple charges including racketeering, to willingly report to Georgia’s authorities.

According to local law enforcement guidelines, if Trump is treated like any other individual under arrest, he’ll be brought to the county’s primary jail near downtown Atlanta, which is located near the renowned Bankhead neighborhood, known for its significant influence on hip-hop.

Standard procedure at this detention center includes medical evaluations, fingerprinting, and checking for any active warrants before a booking photo is captured. Subsequently, arrestees await their appearance in front of a judge, typically within a day, unless arrested over the weekend.

Fulton County officials are united in their stance to treat Trump no differently than any other defendant. Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney permitted the recording of Trump’s indictment, hinting this could be the standard for future hearings.

Local attorney, Josh Schiffer, noted that Georgia courts traditionally are open to the media and public, barring certain sensitive cases requiring protection of identities.

In a recent post on Truth Social, Trump hinted at delaying his surrender in Atlanta and announced an upcoming press conference in New Jersey, where he suggests a full vindication.

While Trump has been fingerprinted in past legal proceedings in New York, Florida, and D.C., he was never placed in handcuffs. Instead of new booking photos, existing images of Trump were utilized. It remains unclear if Trump will be handcuffed when taken into custody in Georgia.

To date, the only time a visual of Trump inside a courtroom was captured was in Manhattan, with still images. Federal courts have stricter regulations prohibiting photography and other electronic devices.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, criticized by Trump, recently indicted him and several of his close associates. Among the indicted are former Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani, John Eastman, and Sidney Powell, as well as ex-chief of staff Mark Meadows. The charges are a culmination of an extensive investigation into attempts to reverse President Joe Biden’s unexpected win in Georgia.

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