Fani Willis Gets Terrible News

Photo by Marianna Smiley on Unsplash

( – The hearing in the case to dismiss the election interference charges against former President Donald Trump in Georgia has been scheduled for Thursday. It is expected that a primary topic of discussion is going to be focused on Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and her relationship with one of the special prosecutors she had hired in this case. 

Last month allegations emerged about Willis and attorney Nathan Wade being involved in an inappropriate romantic relationship. This has caused speculations about the election interference case’s future to emerge. While the prosecution has maintained its position in this case, the current accusations could lead to public confidence in the validity of the criminal case dropping. 

The defense attorney who first disclosed details about the alleged relationship argued that it created a conflict of interest and called for the Georgia judge to completely dismiss the election interference case and to block Willis and her office from any future involvement in the case. 

Willis filed a response earlier this month in which she verified a “personal relationship.”  However, she argued that this relationship did not have any effect on the criminal charges she was pursuing and called for the judge to dismiss the motions against her without a hearing. 

On Monday during a hearing, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee argued that according to the law, disqualification would require evidence that shows there is a conflict of interest or the appearance of one. He added that there was a possibility that the filing could lead to disqualification. 

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