Father Sues School for Refusing to Display Straight Pride Flag

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Nathan Feldman, a father from Colorado, has filed a lawsuit against the state’s largest school district arguing that the staff had blocked him from displaying a “straight pride” flag along with the Progress Pride flag that was hanging at the school.

Feldman stated that his children were being blocked from exercising their freedom of speech and argued that this was a case of discrimination.

Michael Yoder, the man’s lawyer, claimed that the equity policies being followed by places like Denver were overtly sexualizing the content being presented in elementary schools across the country. As he argued, the presence of gender identity books and Progress Pride flags were meant to encourage young children to ask about these topics and what they represented. However, as he pointed out this would lead to very one-sided conversations.

Yoder pointed out that if there were more parents like Feldman these types of policies would have never been rolled out, and that instead kids would be taught science and math rather than have discussions about homosexuality and sexual orientation. He pointed out that these discussions were also opening the group to inappropriate content.

The conflict first started in October 2022, when Feldman noticed a number of Progress Pride flags around the school that his twin children were attending. This redesigned LGBTQ+ flag is meant to include support for people of color and transgender individuals. The father then informed the teachers that these flags were only representative of one viewpoint when it came to sex and requested other flags to be included that represent different viewpoints. However, the teachers did not respond to his request.

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