Oakland Mayor Responds After Raid

Photo by AJ Colores on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – Sheng Thao, the Mayor of Oakland, gave her first public remarks after the FBI raided her home.

On Monday, Thao addressed the media about the federal agents’ raid on her home four days earlier. 

“I have done nothing wrong,” Thao declared, stating that she is not the target of the investigation and hasn’t “been charged with a crime,” expressing her confidence she wouldn’t be charged given her innocence.

Four days earlier, FBI agents carried black totes and boxes from the home the embattled mayor shares with her son and partner. The raid was one of three raids the FBI conducted, two of which were carried out on houses owned by another family.

Thao suggested the raid’s timing was “troubling,” noting it came days after backers of the mayor recall were informed they had collected enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.

The Oakland mayor dismissed the recall campaign as wasting time and resources, suggesting San Francisco and Piedmont billionaires were “hellbent” on getting her out of office.

She questioned why “the day following the qualification of a recall election,” the FBI executed its search warrant.

Agents also searched two homes owned by the Duong family, a politically influential family who owns Cal Waste Solutions.

Cal Waste Solution had been investigated for contributions to Thao — and other elected city officials’ — campaigns.

On Monday, Tony Brass, attorney for the Oakland Mayor, suggested “Thao is ready,” and would “cooperate fully with federal investigations,” he also noted the Mayor hadn’t been the target of the investigation that led to the raid.

However, hours later, Brass resigned as Thao’s attorney after the Mayor gave the press conference without informing him.

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