Feds Investigating Threats Made on Trump’s Witness

The White House from Washington, DC, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – On Wednesday, special counsel Jack Smith noted in a filing that there was an investigation into the online threats that had been made to a witness in former President Donald Trump’s classified documents case. 

In the filing, it is noted that the exhibit includes information about certain social media threats that had been made to a prospective witness in the case. It further noted that an ongoing federal investigation has been launched which is dealing with these threats. 

The filing did not provide any information about the possibility of future threats, the nature of the threats, or the victim. Prosecutors specifically noted that revealing such information could potentially lead to the victim being endangered further, or the suspect being given information that they are not entitled to. 

The three-page filing comes following a larger dispute as Trump’s legal team has been pushing against the amount of redacted or sealed information in the court filings. The judge has also called for the prosecutors to make ex parte filings which will only be reviewed by them and not Trump’s legal team. 

In response to this request, Trump’s legal team argued that ex parte filings are “disfavored,” especially in cases when the Special Counsel is using the communication to infringe on defendants’ rights. 

Smith’s team has repeatedly expressed concerns over the possible threats that could come out of Trump’s speech in his two federal cases, which is why a gag order has been placed on the former President covering his remarks in the election interference case. 

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