Former Ally Says Trump Is Doomed

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday, former Attorney General Bill Barr stated that the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s possible mishandling of classified documents could lead to him being “very exposed.”

In an interview with CBS, Barr stated that it was “very clear” that Trump should not have stored the classified documents in his private residence in Mar-a-Lago. The documents were recovered from Trump’s home last August. Currently, the investigation is being handled by special counsel Jack Smith, who is also overseeing the probe of Trump.

While speaking with CBS’s Catherine Herridge, Barr stated that this is not just about intent and that it was clear that the documents should not have been in Trump’s possession. He added that Trump was given multiple chances to return the documents which were also eventually subpoenas. He continued to say that while Trump would not have probably gotten into trouble just for accidentally taking them, much like he does not believe President Biden or former Vice President Mike Pence will get in trouble for the documents found in his possession, it is the other aspects of this case that complicate the matter.

Earlier this year classified documents were discovered in Biden’s home in Delaware and in former Vice President Mike Pence’s home in Indiana. This led to a lot of concerns about the way that classified documents were being handled after someone left office. Barr added that the problem is what Trump did after he was asked to return the documents, adding that if any games had been played he was going to be left exposed.

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