Former Ally Says Trump Is Finished?

Jdarsie11, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Monday, Anthony Scaramucci argued that the prosecutors in former President Donald Trump’s criminal falsifying business records case had managed to prove their case and that it was likely that Trump would be found guilty in this trial. 

Prosecutors on Monday ended their arguments with the redirect examination of star witness Michael Cohen, who is Trump’s former attorney and fixer. The prosecution is likely going to rest after Cohen’s testimony finishes. However, there were multiple questions raised during the case about the reliability of Cohen as a witness as he admitted during the cross-examination that he had stolen from the Trump Organization in the past.

During a CNN interview, former Trump White House communications director Scaramucci told Jake Tapper that the concerns relating to Cohen should not be stopping a jury from determining that Trump is guilty. He added that the case’s facts are fairly “prima facie” and that there was money that had been spent and then misallocated. He proceeded to argue that there was a fraud that had been perpetrated for this to be covered prior to the 2016 presidential election. 

He continued by stating that in this case the winning facts are just showing the receipts and asking whether or not they believe that the defendant is guilty or not based on that evidence. Then the question would be whether Cohen was lying in the trial testimony, and that he does not believe that any of the 12 jurors would believe that he had been lying because many of the things he had revealed would hurt him. 

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