Former Federal Judge Comments on Trump-Colorado Ballot Fiasco

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

( – The recent ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court to exclude former President Trump from the state’s primary ballot has sparked a wave of criticism from Republican circles, who perceive it as a politically motivated action against Trump. In response to these accusations, former federal judge Michael Luttig offered a different perspective during an interview on MSNBC last Saturday. Luttig emphasized that it is the U.S. Constitution that might be the key factor in determining Trump’s eligibility, rather than any political machinations.

Luttig acknowledged that it’s common for Americans to initially view such decisions through a political lens, but he believes that upon deeper reflection, the constitutional implications become evident. He asserted that if Trump is indeed disqualified, it would be due to constitutional reasons, not because of President Joe Biden, Democrats, or Trump’s critics.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision was based on their finding that Trump had a role in the January 6 Capitol riots, warranting disqualification under the 14th Amendment. Luttig commended the court for its prudent use of a narrow definition of “insurrection” and for its logical conclusion that the presidency is an “office” within the United States.

These interpretations are expected to be central in the anticipated appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. Trump’s legal team had argued in Colorado that the 14th Amendment is inapplicable to the presidency. Luttig, however, expressed doubt that the U.S. Supreme Court would interpret the 14th Amendment differently from the Colorado court.

In his interview, Luttig stressed the constitutional nature of this issue, pointing out that the Supreme Court is tasked with addressing pure questions of constitutional law without regard to external factors like partisan or general politics.

Trump has however since been put back on the ballot.

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