Georgia Prosecutors Feel Threatened by Republicans

Photo by Quick PS on Unsplash

( – Fani Willis, the Fulton County District Attorney slammed Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for the recent letter he sent in which he demanded access to documents relating to the criminal indictment of 19 defendants, including former President Donald Trump. She further stated that the letter could be interpreted to have been a threat.

During an appearance at the Revolt World Festival in Atlanta on Sunday, Willis argued that there was no point in threatening her. In her official response to the letter, she questioned whether the congressman could understand the law, and pointed out that his push for access was an attempt to obstruct and interfere with the case. She added that she was not even required to send a response, as the constitutional law allowed her to ignore the “unjustified and illegal intrusion.”

On Sunday, Willis stated that she was an equal opportunity prosecutor and that regardless of who someone was, if they entered her community and attempted to break the law, they would be prosecuted and held accountable.

Willis has frequently dismissed accusations and questions relating to her ethics. She has also dismissed threats that have been sent to herself and her family. She added that both she and her mother had faced harassment following the Trump indictment.

Willis pointed out that no one else was sitting in her seat and listening to stories about mothers losing their children. She added that people who had never had this burden on their soldiers could not understand her situation.

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