Georgia Republican Compares Trump to an “Axe Murderer”

Photo by Ben Dutton on Unsplash

( – Geoff Duncan, the former Georgia Lt. Governor, in an appearance on CNN’s “The Source,” stated that former President Donald Trump had the same value as an “axe murderer.”

During the interview on Monday, Duncan, who is a vocal critic of Trump, stated that this is the last opportunity that the GOP will have to stop Trump from winning the Republican 2024 presidential nomination. He added that all of the warning signs were there and that they were informing those in the party of everything they needed to know.

In the past, Duncan has referred to Trump as a “fake Republican.” During this interview, he spoke about Trump’s four indictments which have led to a total of 91 criminal charges having been filed against him. He proceeded to reference Trump’s time in office when he increased the national debt before stating that after everything that they had seen regarding Trump, it was clear he had the “moral compass of more like an axe murderer” rather than a U.S. president. He added that it was necessary for them to take action as this was the last opportunity to save the Republican party.

The Fulton County grand jury that charged Trump and 18 others in a racketeering case in Georgia had previously heard Duncan’s testimony. As the lieutenant governor during the presidential race, Duncan has often spoken up to state that the election had not been compromised and to fight against Trump’s allegation of a stolen election.

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