GOP Governor Defends Himself After Sparking Outrage

Photo by Srikanta H. U on Unsplash

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is responding after a spokesperson for President Biden said that busing migrants to Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve was a “dangerous and shameful stunt.”

Renae Eze, a spokesperson for Abbott, said that Biden “Hypocrite-in-Chief” was blasting Texas for busing migrants while he was often “flying planeloads of migrants across the country and oftentimes in the cover of night.”

Eze told Fox News Digital in a statement, that the migrants had willingly traveled to Washington and that they had signed a voluntary consent waiver before being transported. She added that the waiver was available in many different languages.

Eze added that all of the migrants had been processed and released by the federal government at a time when border towns in Texas, like El Paso, had declared a state of emergency because they could not handle the influx of immigrants.

On Christmas Eve three separate buses arrived in Washington, D.C. to drop off migrants. One of them dropped off the passengers close to Vice President Kamala Harris’ home.

Democrats have blasted Abbott for this trip and White House spokesperson Abdullah Hasan called it a “cruel, dangerous and shameful stunt.”

In a statement, Hasan noted that children were left on the road at below-freezing temperatures without Abbott having coordinated at all with any Federal or local authorities.” He continued to say that the administration has continuously expressed its willingness to cooperate with others on immigration reform and border security measures, but that these stunts don’t accomplish anything, they just “put lives in danger.”