GOP To Lose Support of Major Demographic?

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – Republican Representative Chip Roy of Texas has put forth a new bill that would alter the asylum claims process. Many Republicans fear that this new bill could lead to them losing the support of Hispanic voters, who they have only recently managed to get on their side.

The bill would block all undocumented immigrants from being able to enter the country. This has widely been seen as an attempt to change the asylum process which has remained a central part of the American immigration policy for 75 years.

Republican Representative Tony Gonzales of Texas, who represents one of the largest parts of the U.S.-Mexico border, was quick to oppose this new bill. He added that essentially it would stop those who legitimately need asylum from being able to receive the assistance they need. He added that that was concerning.

He then proceeded to present an example from last year, when three girls had been abandoned by a cartel outside Eagle pass. If that bill had been in place, then those little girls would not have been able to seek asylum and would instead have needed to be turned away. By undoing the asylum protection available, many Republicans like Gonzales fear that they would lose the support of the Hispanic voters.

While this particular bill in its current form is unlikely to garner the necessary support, immigration has been one of the key things that Speaker Kevin McCarthy has said he would focus on. Therefore many more border and immigration bills are expected to make it to the House floor.

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