Gun Rights Advocates Fight Back Against Post Office Firearm Ban

Photo by Tom Def on Unsplash

( – The Washington Times in a recent report noted that gun rights advocates are pushing against the federal ban blocking people from carrying firearms in post offices. As they have argued this ban is infringing on their Second Amendment right. 

The Second Amendment Foundation and Firearms Policy Coalition have filed a lawsuit in Texas in which they are standing against the prohibition to bear arms in the post offices. The plaintiffs claim that a ban on firearms in those areas is in conflict with federal law and that it poses constraints on individuals. As they have claimed people, such as Texas small business owner George Mandy, are facing difficulties accessing post offices because of the prohibition on their firearms. 

The plaintiffs also claim that the firearms ban in post offices is also unconstitutional and that following the recent stance of the Supreme Court on gun litigation this ban would not stand. In the case, they specifically cited the Supreme Court’s Bruen case where they argued that when looking at gun laws, they needed to examine the tradition and history of those laws. The group has claimed that the ban on post offices is not based on historical facts. 

The lawsuit also calls into question whether the federal government is justified in its decision. 

SAF executive director Adam Kraut pointed out that the ban was going to result in an increased burden on millions of gun owners, who potentially might be required to gain access to the post offices during their daily activities. 

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