Hunter’s Newly Leaked Messages Exposes Biden Family

Photo by Stephen Phillips - on Unsplash

( – Abbe Lowell, the attorney of Hunter Biden, stated recently that his client had not given any of the money he had made through his business dealings to his father, President Joe Biden. However, text messages and emails dating back to 2019 tell a different story.

In a recent interview, Abbe Lowell claimed that he could “categorically” state that President Biden had not received any money or profit from Hunter Biden’s previous business dealings. He added that Hunter Biden “did not share his business” with Joe Biden.

During the CNN interview, Lowell stated that as the evidence suggests much like every good parent, his father had attempted to help Hunter Biden when he needed help. However, these claims do not align with the text messages and emails that were recovered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

In January 2019, Hunter Biden had in a now-infamous text message, told his daughter Naomi that he was tired of having to give half of his salary to his father. He had added that unlike his father he would not make her sustain the family for the next 30 years.

In a different message sent to his uncle in 2018, Hunter Biden had called Jill Biden a “f—ing moron” after she had declined a teaching proposal for him, and had argued that he needed to get sober in order to be able to continue supporting the family. In a different text message from that same year he had alleged that for over a decade he had been paying his father’s bills.

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