Jewish-Americans Prepare for the Worst

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – Following the Oct. 7 Hamas surprise attack against Israel, many American Jews are reconsidering their traditional stance on gun ownership as there has been a growing number of threats online.

Jewish security groups and instructors on the use of firearms have stated that they have received a surge of new requests and clients. In Florida, one gun shop owner argued that in the last few weeks, there have been more requests for firearms than ever before.

Florida Gun Store in Hollywood owner David Kowalsky has stated that there has been a large increase in religious Jewish people, including Orthodox people buying firearms. He added that in his store, which offers training classes there has also been an increase in both individual and group training.

Kowalsky, who is Jewish himself, stated that he had received requests from local synagogues to host seminars on gun training and shooting and that the majority of participants had been new to firearms. In fact, as he stated the majority of those in the seminars had never had an interaction with guns nor had they previously considered owning one. However, as he pointed out it was now becoming a safety concern as people were nervous about what was happening.

Orthodox Jewish mother Henya Chein, 25, stated that her husband had bought a gun last year after the family moved to Florida. She told NBC News that after the terror attack, she attended the gun safety seminars offered at her synagogue and had even attended sessions at the shooting range.

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