Journalist Exposes Fetterman And Senate Democrats

Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Jon Levine, a columnist from the New York Post wore a ‘full Fetterman getup’ during an appearance on ‘FOX & Friends.’ Previously the columnist had been blocked from entering a high-end restaurant in New York City for being dressed in casual clothing. Recently, the dress code in the Senate was loosened to allow casual clothing on the Senate floor.

FOX News’ Steve Doocy noted that the experiment was a way of comparing the standards set in the Senate and restaurants.

Levine argued that “The Senate is the world’s greatest deliberative body,” which is why he wanted to see whether he would be able to enter a restaurant in an outfit that would now be considered acceptable in the Senate. However, the answer was that he clearly could not. He added that more of his interactions with the restaurant staff have been polite, but that there were a few people who thought that he was “crazy.”

Levine added that civilization was an active daily choice. He continued by saying that each day one wakes up and wears a suit and tie. This shows respect for both yourself and the audience, but apparently, now you were able to enter the U.S. Senate in the same outfit that you just attended a Pilates class in. This showed a “difference in standards.”

Levine documented his experience which was shared in a column published in The Post. In it, he pointed out that he had been faced with mockery after attempting to enter the city’s restaurants wearing Feterman’s trademark outfit which includes gym shorts, a hoodie, and sneakers.

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