Judge Refuses To Let Marine Off the Hook for Protecting Subway Passengers

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

(ConservativeFreePress.com) – A New York City judge dismissed the recent motion to have the case against a Marine veteran who had killed Jordan Neely in the city’s subway by holding him in a chokehold last May.

Daniel Perry’s attorney Thomas Kenniff stated following his client’s appearance in court on Wednesday that while they disagreed with the ruling of the court to not have the case against Perry dismissed they understood that the legal threshold for them to proceed in an ill-conceived prosecution was low.

He added that they trusted that the jury had been aware of the actions that Danny had taken and how he had risked his safety in order to protect the others who were riding on the subway with him. He proceeded to say that they were sure that the judges would deliver a just verdict and that Danny was grateful for the support he had received during this process.

Nelly’s family attorney Donte Mills stated that the ruling was a “big win.” He added, following the decision made by Judge Maxwell Wiley on Wednesday morning, that Penny’s attorney had attempted to get the judge to completely ignore the findings of the grand jury by having the charges dismissed. However, as he pointed out they had been unsuccessful which would allow the charges against Daniel Penny to proceed.

Apart from requesting the dismissal of the indictment, Penny’s lawyers had also noted that they wanted the court to suppress Penny’s statements to law enforcement, the evidence that had been collected, and invalidate previous search warrants.

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