Liberal School Official Sued For Dangerous Threat

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

( – A California district administrator is facing a lawsuit from faculty members and the district over controversial remarks he made expressing a desire to bring conservative staff members who oppose diversity, equity, and inclusion programs to account. The lawsuit was filed by the Institute for Free Speech on behalf of Bakersfield College professor Daymon Johnson, who claims that an investigation was initiated against him as a result of his political beliefs being expressed.

Bakersfield College, a public institution within the Kern Community College District, is at the center of this legal dispute. According to the lawsuit, the investigation into Johnson began after he responded to faculty member Andrew Bond, who had made derogatory comments about the United States. Bond had provocatively challenged conservatives to respond to his statement. In reply, Johnson referred to Bond as an “SJW” (social justice warrior), a term often used by those on the right to describe far-left individuals who may be easily offended or resistant to alternative viewpoints or facts. Johnson sought feedback on Bond’s comments and even suggested that Bond should consider moving to China.

Subsequently, Bond filed an administrative complaint against Johnson, accusing him of “harassment and bullying.” This complaint triggered an investigation into Johnson, which also caused him concern about potentially losing his position. The lawsuit argues that Johnson refrained from expressing any further political views due to apprehension regarding the potential consequences. It further contends that this curtailment of expression violated Johnson’s First Amendment rights.

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