Liberals Erupt Over America Being Put First

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( – Concerns have arisen regarding the Sunol Glen School Unified School District’s recent decision to allow only the display of the American and California state flags. The district, located in California’s East Bay and serving 270 K-8 students, faced a heated discussion during a recent Tuesday meeting.

Sunol Glen’s Superintendent and Principal, Molleen Barnes, commented during the meeting, “The flag’s representation is a strong message. Our board members have shown their stance with this decision.” She recalled that the school has previously showcased Pride flags to emphasize its commitment to equity and inclusion for LGBTQ students and families.

In defense of the new policy, Board President Ryan Jergensen mentioned, “Schools should maintain neutrality and not champion specific views, as that can lead to division. Schools should promote inclusiveness. It’s essential to focus on what brings us together as a community.”

After a public commenting session, during which around 150 community members – many displaying their support for LGBTQ rights with Pride flags and rainbow accessories – were escorted out of the venue by Jergensen, the board approved the new rule with a 2-1 vote.

Critics of the policy pointed out its timely announcement after a Pride flag was raised in front of the school in June 2022. The school district also faced scrutiny for other policies seen as not supportive of LGBTQ rights.

Joel Souza, a Sunol Glen parent and filmmaker, commented on the situation: “While Sunol Glen is a wonderful institution, recent developments are concerning. It appears to be a concealed attempt to suppress the Pride flag and its symbolic meaning.”

There was also some dissatisfaction among parents regarding the voting system for the Board of Trustees, which only allows Sunol residents to vote, despite only a quarter of the student population residing in the town.

Diana Rohini LaVigne, a parent, voiced her concerns, stating, “Despite Sunol Glen’s small size, this could set a precedent. Neighboring areas are closely watching this situation.”

In related news, California Attorney General Rob Bonta has initiated a lawsuit against the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education over their gender identity disclosure policy. Additionally, in response to growing debates over transgender policies and Pride flag displays, California recently decided to recognize August as Transgender History Month, a pioneering move among U.S. states.

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