Lindsey Graham Warns of America’s Vulnerability To Terrorism

Photo by History in HD on Unsplash

( – Republican Senator Sen. Lindsey Graham argued that the United States was prone to attacks as the White House and Senate Republicans were nowhere close to reaching a border security deal.

The South Carolina Republican noted during a recent appearance on NBC News’ “Meet the Press” that there were “Jihadist groups” looking to attack the United States for providing support to Israel. He argued that he had never been as worried about another 9/11-style attack as he was right now when the border was destroyed. He added that this was not something that could be solved with a Band-Aid fix.

Graham pointed out that the Senators and White House have been discussing the border since September, but it was only a given day ago that they had actually “sat at this table.” As he argued, the border discussions would extend into 2024. He further pointed out that the White House had not been engaged in these discussions until five days ago when they had sent a supplemental with border security provisions. However, as he pointed out those provisions were actually not altering the policy.

At the same time, FBI Director Christopher Wray has claimed to have never seen more threats in the United States until right now. Graham argued that the border has remained destroyed since January 2021 and that there were 6 million people who had entered the U.S. during that period. He added that this year there were another 3.6 million people expected to enter the country, which shows that the Biden administration had made the border a more dangerous place for them to come to.

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