Milwaukee Mayor Attacks Trump

Photo by Coasted Media on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, it was reported that former President Donald Trump had referred to the city of Milwaukee as a “horrible city” during a congressional private meeting with Republicans. Following these reports, Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson came out in defense of his city. 

The mayor of the city which is set to host the Republican National Convention over the summer argued that if former President Donald Trump believes that the city is horrible, then what he had to say to that is that they all had to live through Trump’s time in office, “so, right back at you, buddy.” 

Johnson continued by pointing out that this is once again something that Trump, who is the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, is wrong about. He added that Wisconsin is one of the six battleground states, and it is believed to be an important state in determining who is going to win the presidential election. Currently, reports want Trump and President Joe Biden to be closely matched in the race in the state. 

Johnson argued that the comments made by Trump had been “bizarre” and even could be considered “unhinged.” He added that he believes it is in a way “perplexing” and even “strange” that he would make negative comments about the largest city in the state as he is running for the White House and would obviously be looking to win Wisconsin and the election. As he pointed out, making comments insulting the city that will host the Republican convention was “bizarre.” 

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