Muslim Voters Flip Hard on Democrats

Photo by Ernie Journeys on Unsplash

( – In Michigan, a sense of disappointment is brewing among some Muslim and Arab-American communities over how Democratic leaders have addressed the recent Israel-Hamas conflict. Governor Gretchen Whitmer, along with other state Democrats, drew criticism for showing up at a pro-Israel rally just days after a significant attack by Hamas, but skipping a pro-Palestinian event the next day in Dearborn, home to one of the country’s largest Muslim and Arab-American populations. This perceived imbalance has led to vocal frustrations, with attendees at the Dearborn rally expressing disappointment at the absence of party leaders.

This sense of betrayal extends to national politics as well, with some Arab Americans expressing dismay over President Biden’s support for Israel. The sentiment is encapsulated by 22-year-old Palestinian American Adam Abusalah who commented, “We won’t back those who haven’t backed us, despite our historical support and campaign contributions.”

Democratic State Representative Alabas Farhat has echoed these concerns, suggesting that the Democratic Party will face electoral challenges in 2024 if it continues to sideline Arab American and Palestinian voices, particularly in discussions around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Farhat represents much of Dearborn, where the sentiment is keenly felt. In his view, the party has marginalized Arab Americans and neglected Palestinian human rights.

This sentiment isn’t isolated to Michigan. Arab-American Democrats elsewhere in the United States have vowed to withhold support for Biden in the 2024 election, citing his stance on Israel. Prominent figures, like Palestinian-American comedian Maysoon Zayid, have publicly expressed their disappointment. Zayid, who supported Biden in 2020, expressed disbelief at his failure to condemn Israel’s actions with the same vigor he used against Hamas.

While President Biden has expressed sorrow for the loss of Palestinian life and pledged $100 million in humanitarian aid, he also warned that aid would cease if misappropriated by Hamas. His statements have not assuaged concerns among Arab Americans, who question the reliability of figures released by the Hamas-controlled Gaza health ministry regarding Palestinian casualties. The overarching sentiment is a yearning for a more balanced approach to a deeply complex issue, and a call for the recognition of Palestinian humanity.

It’s clear that, unless addressed, these feelings could have implications for Democratic support among Arab Americans in future elections.

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